Welcome to the WIKI for the Incredible Journey Project!!
A wiki is an excellent way to share online information with each other. The wiki will work like a booklet with different pages of information, project information, and your ideas.

At any time during the project, you are invited to sign into the wiki (I have sent you the password by separate mail) and add information that you think is important to the project.

You will notice an EDIT button at the top of each page -- that is what you would click on to add information. All we ask is that you put your name and school at the end of each post so we know who to credit the information to.

For instance, if I was posting about art ideas, I might say:
My students traced and cut out their hands. We wrote desk on the thumb, class on the pointer finger, school on the middle finger, city on the ring finger, and state on the pinkie. The students then turned the hand over and wrote facts about each area on that finger. In the center area, they drew our state landmark.
(Jennifer Wagner/TechnospudProjects)

At the top of each window, you will also see buttons so that you can add bullets, bold, underline, align, and even more. Go ahead and have fun creating your look for posting.

On the lkeft side of this page, you will see a navigational area. You can use that to jump from page to page.

If you ever wish to add a new page -- you can do that too!!! Just click on the NEW PAGE option and type away. Just remember to save your page when you are done!!!

If at ever you have any questions about posting to the wiki, drop an email to Jen and I will get back to you about 24 hours.

Please take the time to click on our Introduce Page and tell a bit about yourself!!!
Thanks again for being a part of this project