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What makes your city special? Who is your mayor? Who is your Chief of Police?? Do you have any famous people living in your city or have lived in your city?

Mrs. Chittenden's Perky Penguins Box#2 Hoover School, Schaumburg, IL Schaumburg is special because it has Septemberfest and it is located about 30 minutes away from Chicago, the Home of the White Sox and Cubs! It is a pretty big place and has a big shopping mall, Woodfield. We have a Village President, Al Larson. Our Director of Police is Richard S. Casler. We don't know about "famous people" but we all live here :-) Lots of famous people have come from the Chicago area.

Miss Thaggard's second grade Box #3 Calvary Day School Savannah, Georgia
Savannah is special because it is the oldest city in Georgia. James Ogelthorpe came from England and founded our city on February 12, 1733. We have many historic buildings in our city. People come from all over to visit our city. Our mayor is Otis Johnson. We will soon be getting a new police chief. The song "Jingle Bells" was written in Savannah. Johnny Mercer, a famous song writer, lived in Savannah. One of his songs, Moon River, was written about a river in Savannah.