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How many classrooms are at your school? What is the name of your principal?? Who has taught for the longest time at your school?

Mrs. Chittenden box #2
Schaumburg,IL. 27 classrooms in our school Ms.Hansel is our principal. Mrs.Heilbronner has been teaching for the longest. Miss

Thaggard box #3 Calvary Day School Savannah, GA.
Our school goes from Pre-K to 12th grade. We only did the classes in our lower school. There are 27 classes including our resource classes. Our principal is Mrs. Moore. Mrs. Kleinpeter has been teaching the longest.

There are 24 classrooms at our school. Our FANTASTIC Principal is Mrs. Beverly Putnam. I am unsure who has taught at our school the longest. I attended this school when I was in elementary school and honestly there are not many of the "old timers" still there!