This is the area where you will post your answers to Question One. Please make sure you the list your name, box #, school, and location when you post. Thank you!

What is the name of your school? Where is it located? What is your teacher's name and how long have she/he taught? What makes your teacher special?

Mrs. Chittenden's Sensational Second Graders Box #2 Hoover School Schaumburg, IL
Mrs. Chittenden has been teaching for 20 years she has been teaching Kindergarten - 4th grade. she is special because she forgets where everything is so we have to find it. Miss Thaggard's Second Graders Box #3 Calvary Day School Savannah, GA

Miss Thaggard has been teaching for 25 years. She has been in second grade all 25 years. She is special because she teaches us and she has a rabbit that hops around our room.
My school is Cherryville Elementary School. We are located in Cherryville, North Carolina. My name is Kelly Beam Brown and I have been teaching for 13 years. Our school is special because we are the only elementary school in Cherryville! Our school is part of the Gaston County School system-the 7th largest district in North Carolina.