Take the Time to Introduce Yourself --
Feel free to copy/paste my example and then fill in your own info.
Name: Jennifer Wagner
School: TechnospudProjects
City/State: Corona CA
Grade: N/A
Box # All
Class Website: www.technospud.com
What I am looking forward to: Mailing the boxes off in a few weeks and then hearing from you about all the great learning that goes on in your class.

Name: Kelly Brown
School: Cherryville Elementary City/State: Cherryville, NC
Grade: Box # 3? (I think) Class Website: www.tinyrul.com/emcj2
What I am looking forward to: My class getting to participate in another one of Jennifer's WONDERFUL Internet projects! This is such a valuable way for students to learn about things! I love it that someone takes their time to assist classroom teachers as we try to motivate and cultivate each student's love of learning!

Name: Beverly Price
School: Hamilton Crossing Elem
City/State: Cartersville, GA
Grade: SpEd K-5
Box # 1
School Website: http://www.bartow.k12.ga.us/hces
What I am looking forward to: First time participating. I'm hoping my students will enjoy this project!

Name: Donna Thaggard
School: Calvary Day School
City/State: Savannah, Georgia
Grade: second
Box # 3
Class Website: www.msthaggard.com
I have greatly enjoyed every project I have completed with Jennifer. We have just started school and this project looks like a great beginning of the year activity.

Name: Shari Chittenden
School: Hoover School
City/State: Schaumburg, Illinois
Grade: second
Box # 2
Class Website: web54.sd54.k12.il.us/schools/hoover/schittenden/default.htm
I am so looking forward to sharing with all of you! This is my first wiki!

Name: Hollie Kutz
School: Brook Glenn Elementary
City/State: Taylors, SC
Grade: 2
Box # 3
Class Website: http://www.greenville.k12.sc.us/websites/brook/hkutz/index.html
What I am looking forward to: Participating in this project. I have never been involved in a traveling buddy project before. I am also interested in the wiki.

Name: Theresa Grom
School: St. Mary of the Annunciation
City/State: Mundelein/IL
Grade: K
Box # 1
School Website: www.stmaryfc.org
What I am looking forward to: Being involved in my first Internet project and learning something new right along with the children.

Name: Mary Anne Donley
School: Ellsworth Elementary School
City/State: Ellsworth, KS
Grade: 2
Box # 3
School Website: www.usd327.org
What I am looking forward to: I think I could echo almost every comment already posted! I really enjoy Jennifer's projects and I am excited as well to participate in my first traveling buddy project. Wiki also greatly intrigues me (My first post too!) and although school starts soon and I won't get the box until January, I'm already thinking about how much fun this project will be. I also look forward to making new connections with all of you through this project and the use of wiki!

Name: Kim Van Zuiden
School: Garrisonville Elementary
City/State: Stafford, VA
Grade: 1st
Box #2
School website: www.pen.k12.va.us/Div/Stafford/ges
What I am looking forward to: Like everyone else I am very excited about being a part of this project. It will be my first experience with a traveling buddy project. I'll get my box in October, so my students will not have long to wait as we don't start school until September. I'm also excited about using Wiki.

Name: Melanie Corn
School: Washington Grade School
City/State: Robinson, IL
Grade: first
Box # 2
Class Website: http://www.robinsonschools.com/wes/teachers/1/corn/index.html
What I am looking forward to: My kids always enjoy participating in these projects. I am anxious to get to do this with my new class this year. I am also excited to learn to use this tool to communicate with everyone.

Name: Rebecca Little
School: East Alexander Middle School
City/State: Hiddenite, NC
Grade: 6-8 Self Contained Spec Ed
Box # 2
Class Website: http://www.geocities.com/incrediblefalcons
What I am looking forward to: I'm looking forward to seeing my students' world expand. They haven't had many experiences outside their small community. This is a neat way to introduce them to at least part of the world that surrounds them.

Name: Rosalind Blinder
School: Lincoln School
City/State: Newark, New Jersey 07106
Grade: Technology Coordinator (Pre K-5)
School Website: www.nps.k12.nj.us/lincoln/index.htm
I am looking forward to enriching the lives of the students who belong to the Lincoln School Computer Club. We love projects and sharing our small space in the world with all of you.

Name: Kelly Larabie
School: Silver Spiral Academy
Grades: K-2
Box #3
We are looking forward to receiving our box and getting started with the project.

Name: Mary Myers
School: Partridge Elementary School
City/State: Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Grade: 1
As a first timer when it comes to wiki spaces and internet projects, I am looking forward to this experience. This project will be especially great because my military students may have been to some of the places that the box will have come from. Any ideas of how to add some activities into this project in my classroom for first graders? Let me know. I am drawing a complete blank! Thanks.

Name: Melanie Marshall
School: Westwood Elementary
City/State: Houston, Texas
Grade: 2
Box # 2
School Website: http://wwe.springbranchisd.com/
What I am looking forward to: Seeing the reaction of my students when they realize we are part of something big! :)