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Hoover School, Box #2 Schaumburg, Illinois
Hi all! My children were certainly sad that our little trio would be moving on. I have pictures to post but need to work on the size of the files. Today, we popped the DVD in and caught a portion of the movie. Though it was Friday, the entire class wanted to stay to see the rest of the film. I promised to get a copy so we could finish viewing it next week. I will also be purchasing the book :-). I found the book rich in vocabulary and enjoyed sharing it. Unfortunately, I needed to really stop and share the meanings so I could be sure the students weren't on a different journay. I found the stuff animals were great visuals to assist in making the vocabulary jump off the page. We took our friends to the initial beginning of their journey. We have echoed that on the film. We have the predictions that came from the picture with Tao and the bear cub and the rescue of the cat from the stream in the movie. Jen, you have set up a marvelous project. I only wish we weren't dealing with the adoption of a new reading series that dictates most of our morning. The project made a few days much more interesting and engaging. THANKS!

Hi. I added some pictures to the picture gallery. I tried to be accurate with the size. I resized and sent them in again. I don't know how to delete the files that aren't needed. I also am not sure the correct sized ones are showing. Sorry. I have tried.
Shari Chittenden
Hoover Box #2
Schaumburg, Illinois